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Gift giving development

Issuing time:2018-01-17 00:00

Gifts, the traditional sense is to send some real things, pay more attention to match up, no matter what the purpose of your gift is always love each other, send some things, but should pay attention to the expression of the central idea of light ceremony feeling heavy in the process of giving. With the development of society, the gift is also gradually changed, send education, health and so on new gifts to show, fully reflects the diversity of social needs. In the form of gifts also has a great change:

1, gift cards were widely used to make up for the disadvantages of some traditional gift cards and gifts, such as non delivery required, such as direct money embarrassment, gift card is the giver has full freedom of choice, freedom of consumption.

2, relying on the Internet and courier companies and online fashion gifts, is a new way of gifts online. Although it comes from online shopping, online shopping is a kind of. Such as flowers express industry, because of its convenience and people's instinct of flowers, popular. In the field of e-commerce, online shopping mall Dangdang, also launched in December 19, 2013 a gift service function, is the first time in the domestic e-commerce industry launched gift packaging value-added services. For buyers to provide "implicit price", "exquisite packaging", "fill in the greeting card", "short message" and other customized services to meet the buyers in the holiday, birthday, visit relatives and friends when the demand for gifts.

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